Bailey and Casey


I met Bailey in college what felt like 20 years ago even though it was only about 6, haha! We were both business majors at a community college so we basically had almost all of our classes together. Though we never talked or communicated much we just knew who each other was. 

Well come to find out we both lived and worked in the same town a few years later. We had both become bankers and were slaving our little fingers away depositing and keeping peoples money safe.

Fast forward a few years and her and Casey are getting married. I was so excited when she contacted me (as I get when anyone sends me an email, honestly)! We spoke on the phone about all their details and man they did not disappoint! As you can see from the photos below it just goes to show that you can be ballin on a budget. 


^^^^Fun fact about this photo! I didn't have a tripod so we had to improvise. This photo was taken with long exposure on top of an upside down trash can, haha!!

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